3. ACGN Platform

3.1 Abstract

The mission of the ACGN team is to build a Web3-native creator ecosystem. In this ecosystem, creators can work together to create a decentralized IP network where the ownership of each work is determined through NFT, the value of the work is captured by the NFT network, and the creator can earn ACGN tokens at the same time. The value of derivative creations can also be well captured in this network. ACGN comprises three components: the NFT content distribution, the NFT marketplace, and the visual novel editor. ACGN provides a rich set of content tags for creators to upload their work. Through our visual novel editor, creators can restructure NFT materials to create visual novels with a rich storyline, adding backstory to the NFT and distributing and selling it in our global marketplace. Creators can profit from their creations.

3.2 VisAI Creator Tools

3.2.1 AI Image and Text Content Generation Tool

Our platform offers a powerful AI tool for generating visual and textual content. Users can easily generate images and text content using this tool. Whether it's a creative illustration, an engaging story plot, or an elegant article, users only need to provide the relevant inputs and guidance, and the AI tool will use its powerful artificial intelligence capabilities to create content that meets their needs. With the ACGN AI Tool, users can save a significant amount of time and effort and obtain high-quality creative results without the need for professional design or writing skills.

3.2.2 AI Model Training Tool

In addition to providing the AI visual and text content generation tool, our platform also offers an AI model training tool, allowing users to train their own AI models. With the AI model training tool, users can utilize their own datasets and algorithms to train personalized AI models. This means that users can train an intelligent model tailored to their specific needs and application scenarios. Our AI model training tool provides powerful computing resources and algorithm support, enabling users to efficiently perform model training. Additionally, we offer model evaluation and optimization functionality to help users achieve optimal model performance. Through the AI model training tool, users can unleash their creativity within the Web3 ecosystem and build more intelligent and personalized applications and services.

3.3 Visual Novel Maker

ACGN Fantasy Maker is a PC-based visual novel editor developed with Unity. The editor's material library is seamlessly integrated with the platform's backend, allowing users to freely utilize assets available on the ACGN platform for their visual novel creations.

Story Editing: Users can easily drag and drop illustrations, backgrounds, and audio into the canvas, configuring dialogues and creating branching storylines. All materials used are pre-existing NFT assets on the platform that adhere to the ACGN Protocol.

Publishing: Users can publish their works once they have completed their creations. During the publishing process, the editor calculates and records all the NFTs used by the user, which are then included in the metadata of the resulting NFTs for future royalty sharing. The works are packaged and uploaded to the platform's visual novel distribution page, where they are minted as NFTs. Royalties from visual novels are distributed according to the royalty rules outlined in the ACGN Protocol.

3.4 Web3 Content Publication

3.4.1 NFT Launchpad

At ACGN's NFT Launchpad, where users can mint original NFTs, Launchpad will use an invitation-only system to allow talented creators to release their own NFT collections.

3.4.2 Explore Page

On the explore page of the ACGN platform, users can consume content by type of work, such as illustrations, audio, novels, and visual novels.

3.4.3 Game Publication

Visual novels on the platform can be distributed through web2 distribution channels such as Steam to generate additional revenue.- To ensure an open and transparent procedure, ACGN DAO will handle the distribution of the game. The proceeds from sales on other platforms will be converted into ETH and distributed to the respective users after deducting taxes. The platform will charge a percentage of the distribution service fee. The platform itself provides the web3 distribution channel.

3.4.4 Creator Centre

Users can make secondary NFTs based on the original NFTs in the creator centre, and the secondary NFT must be linked to the original NFTs.Users must choose the original NFT they are referring to while uploading their secondary NFTs and accept ACGN Protocol, after which the platform will review the work.All NFTs can be used for visual novel making.

3.5 AI-based Innovative Social Platform

3.5.1 AI Model Training and Exchange

Our Web3 social platform offers a groundbreaking feature where users can train their own AI models on the platform and engage in AI model exchange with other users. This exchange of AI models brings a more enriched, intelligent, and personalized social experience.Users can utilize our AI model training tools to train their own AI models and upload them to the social platform for sharing with other users. These AI models can encompass various domains of intelligence. Users can choose the type of AI model they want to train based on their interests and professional fields and conduct training and optimization using the platform's interface and tools.Once a user's AI model training is completed, they can choose to make it publicly available for other users. Other users can discover and obtain users' AI models through the platform's AI model marketplace or search functionality. This exchange and sharing of AI models promote collaboration, learning, and innovation among users. Users can draw inspiration and insights from other users' AI models, gaining new perspectives.

3.5.2 Earnings and Economic Incentives

In our Web3 social platform, users can earn income by sharing their AI models. When other users invoke a user's AI model, the user receives corresponding economic rewards. This economic incentive mechanism encourages active participation in AI model training and sharing, driving the development and innovation of the social platform.Through smart contracts and blockchain technology, we achieve a transparent, secure, and traceable income distribution system. Each time other users invoke a user's AI model, the corresponding economic rewards are automatically calculated and distributed to the user. Users can view and manage their earnings in their personal accounts and choose to withdraw them or reinvest them into other AI model training and exchanges.This economic incentive mechanism not only provides users with an income source but also fuels the sustainable development of the social platform. Users become integral parts of the platform ecosystem through the creation and sharing of AI models, collectively advancing AI technology and enriching social interactions.We are committed to building an innovative AI-based social platform that offers users a more enriched, intelligent, and economically incentivized social experience through AI model training and exchange. We believe that this innovative social paradigm will transform how people socialize, creating more value and opportunities for users.

3.6 Curated NFT Marketplace for ACGN Content

ACGN NFT Marketplace is a curated NFT marketplace for ACGN content, facilitating users to sell and buy NFT material from the creators' platform.Creator royalties: Tier 1 NFTs and Tier 2 NFTs owners on the platform can get royalties split according to the royalty rules in the ACGN Protocol.

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