6. DAO Governance

6.1 Composition of ACGN DAO

The ACGN DAO comprises four primary categories, the core team, the core contributors, and the Tier 1 NFT holders.

The responsibilities of the ACGN DAO are as follows.

- Vetting and screening of Tier 2 NFTs

- Oversight of Web2 publication

- Screening of outstanding Tier 2 NFT creators

- Vetting qualified creators for Tier 1 NFT Launchpad

6.2 How to join ACGN DAO

Users of the ACGN platform will earn tokens through the use of the platform, which can be used to become members of the community.

Join ACGN's Discord, and ACGN will divide users based on token holdings and set them up into specific membership groups, with different membership groups having different community governance rights.

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