9. Roadmap

2023 Q2:ACGN Protocol

  • ACGN Protocol First edition

2023 Q3:Visual Novel Maker Closed Alpha

  • Private release of the Visual Novel Maker Closed Alpha to a few early testers

2023 Q4:Genesis NFT & ACGN Platform Closed Alpha

  • Alpha test of ACGN Platform

  • Public Release of ACGN NFT

2024 Q1:ACGN Platform & Visual Novel Maker Public Release

  • Public Release of Creator Centre and Visual Novel Maker

2024 Q2:ACGN AI Creator Tool Launch & UGC Game Publication

  • AI creator tool for image and text content creating

  • Visual Novel Web3 publication

  • Visual Novel Web2 publication

  • ACGN AI model training tool launch

2024 Q3:AI Creator & Visual Novel Maker major updates

  • AI creators will learn from the content on the ACGN Platform

  • Visual Novel Maker supporting Live 2D and gameplay

2024 Q4:AI SocialFi & Expand the Subjects in ACGN Ecosystem

  • AI models can interact with each other and make a profit for owners

  • Apply the paradigm of the ACGN ecosystem to more cultural genres

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